Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How to Submit Blog to Yahoo! and Bing Search Engines?

Search Engine Optimization is just like health of blog traffic. Google and Yahoo are most popular search engines which are mostly used by all countries people. Since 2011, Yahoo and Bing merged together in site explore. Bing is a Hotmail search engine that merged with Yahoo search. At initial stage, Google search only had webmaster tools. Next to Google, Bing developed webmaster tool which is similar to Google webmaster tool. So that once you complete your blog submission in bing webmaster tool, your blog will appear on both Bing and Yahoo search engines. It helps to increase your blog traffic by showing your blog links on search results of Yahoo! and Bing search engines.

Steps to Submit a Blog to Bing Webmaster tool

Submit your blog to Bing and Yahoo search engines

1. Login to Bing webmaster tool with your microsoft ID

2. Enter your Website or Blog url in the box and click on ADD button

3. Submit your blog or website information as required then click on SAVE button
4. Verify your Blog or Website ownership
Now you have to verify your ownership of that blog once you submit your blog to bing webmaster tool. You will have three more options to verify your account. If you are a blogspot user you can esily verify your ownership by adding Bing meta tag to your blog template. Follow below instructions to get verified of your ownership.
  • Go to your Blog dashboard ---> Template ---> Edit HTML
  • Find opening head tag then paste bing meta tag below it. Before move on Bing webmaster tool verification page, don't forget to save changes in your Blog template.
  • Now navigate bing webmaster tool verification page and click on Verify button.

That's all. Hereafter your blog will appear on Bing and Yahoo search engines. It will take almost 5 days to show your blog. Next to blog submission, you should submit your blog sitemap to bing webmaster tools for effective indexing of all the posts of your blog in Yahoo and Bing search engines. In my next post I will explain you how to submit Blog sitemap to Bing webmaster tools.
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